Race Options

The THULE B24 has several different formats for racing over the weekend and an array of categories. You can enter a traditional 24hr race format, OR the more social Esprit de Corps format.

Two ways to race, the Traditional way and the Social way.

B24 - The Traditional way - This is raced in the usual relay fashion. One rider at a time from your team goes out for their stint, then tags with a team mate and the team mate then enters the course. The race starts at 12pm and finishes at 12pm on Sunday. Who ever has the most laps wins.

Esprit de Corps - The Social way - Team mates can race together and their time is accumulated until 24hrs of riding time is reached. The time does not have to be completed all at once. As you enter the course your time starts, and when you leave, it stops. Entry and exit are at control points. For a detailed description and examples of the Esprit de Corps format, see the Esprit de Corps page.